Baseus 3.1A 2x USB Grain CCALL-ML01 Φορτιστής Αυτοκινήτου Black


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Baseus Grain

It allows you to charge your devices in your car without any problems. The high-quality control system provides protection against short circuit, overload, deep discharge, overheating and electromagnetic radiation. The minimal size of the charger does not impede movement while driving. Backlit frame allows easy location of the charger at night.


Producent Baseus
Model Baseus Grain Car Charger (Dual USB 5V 3.1A ) Black
Product code CCALL-ML01
Material Aluminium
Color Black
Compatibility Universal
Number of ports 2x USB
Input 12V – 24V
Output USB 2x DC 5V / 2.1A
Maximum output power DC 5V / 3.1A (using both ports)

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