Baseus Wing Case Ultra Thin Lightweight PP Cover for Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus (WISAS20P-01)


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Η Baseus παρουσιάζει την πιο λεπτή θήκη προστασίας με βάρος ενός φτερού θα προστατέυσει το νέο σας Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus από την καθημερινή χρήση.

BASEUS Ultra Thin Matte PP Shell Case

This protective case adopts premium PP material, which features high tenacity and strong scratch resistance. Translucent design with frosted finish makes it elegant to show and comfortable to touch. Simple yet stylish, it brings you the experience of simplicity and fashion.

  • High quality PP material, super slim body
  • Anti-fingerprint matte finish, delicate touch feeling
  • Translucent design shows the natural charm
  • Easy access to ports and controls

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