Havit HV-N5082 Webcam 640*480P 30 FPS – Black/Silver


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Η web camera της Havit μπορεί να μεταδώσει βίντεο σε ανάλυση 640×480 που καλύπτει τις βασικές απαιτήσεις για εφαρμογές βιντεοκλήσεων. Επιπλέον, τα 30 καρέ ανά δευτερόλεπτο (fps) που υποστηρίζει, διασφαλίζουν την ομαλή ροή της εικόνας.


  • Καρέ ανά δευτερόλεπτο (fps): 30fps
  • Ανάλυση Βίντεο: 640×480
  • Μήκος Καλωδίου: 1.5m


High quality picture

Video quality has never been better. The webcam from Havit provides the highest quality video chatting experience, so images are clear and sharp and colors are vibrant. Plus, you can change the image quality manually.

Built-in microphone

From now on, you don’t have to buy a microphone separately. The camera has a built-in microphone that picks up sound up to 1 meter. This feature is ideal for meetings or conferences with a large number of people.

Compact size

The camera is small and you can attach it not only to your laptop screen or desk, but for even greater comfort the camera is adapted for LCD and CRT screens. USB 2.0 port increases compatibility of the camera and 1.5m cable makes it easier to use.


Brand Havit
Model N5082
Interface USB 2.0
Static captured image format BMP/JPG
Dynamic captured image format AVI
Cable length 1.5 m
Working temperature -10°C – 40°C
Microphone yes
Focusing manual focus
Video resolution 640*480P
Speed 30fps/s (VGA)
Image sensor CMOS
Output format YUY2
Imaging distance 50m and more
Frequency control 50Hz or 60Hz

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