Inphic PB6S Gaming Ποντίκι, 6 πλήκτρα, 4800dpi, Μαύρο


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The PB6S Gaming Mouse

The Inphic brand mouse was designed with gamers in mind. The pulsating backlighting attracts the eye and makes the game even more exciting. On the other hand, the ergonomic design provides comfort even during prolonged use.

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The mouse is equipped with a high precision sensor, which is responsible for its stable and reliable performance. As a result, the PB6S guarantees a lightning-fast response to your every move and an extremely smooth gameplay experience. So you can break records and beat your opponents with ease

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Color backlight

PB5S is perfect for all kinds of gaming. The colorful backlighting of the mouse takes the gaming experience to a higher level. The Inphic brand product will also be a great desk decoration.

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Ergonomic design

Comfort is essential during gameplay, which is why Inphic has taken care of the PB6S’ ergonomic design and its optimal weight. The matte finish prevents your hand from slipping off the mouse and guarantees comfort during long time gaming or work.

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Brand Inphic
Model PB6S
Type wired
Dimensions 127 x 64 x 43 mm
Weight 130 ±5g
Number of buttons 6
Cable length 1.5m
Resolution 1200 – 4800 DPI
USB response rate 125Hz
Operating voltage 5V
Operating current ≦100mA
Color black and silver
System requirements Windows 98 or higher, Mac OS or higher


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