Inphic V790 Ασύρματο Σετ Πληκτρολόγιο και Ποντίκι Αγγλικό US


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Inphic V790 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Get rid of desk clutter and tangled cables. The Inphic V790 comes with a wireless keyboard and mouse that are compatible with different versions of Windows. Ergonomic and durable, you can use them for work and leisure. The 2.4G wireless connection is extremely fast and stable, and the plug&play system makes it easy to use. The mouse and keyboard will also surprise you with their long working time.

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Stable, wireless connection

Inphic guarantees a reliable connection. With the 2-in-1 USB receiver, you can easily connect both your mouse and keyboard. The plug&play technology makes it incredibly fast and easy – forget about having to install additional drivers. The 2.4G connection gives you the speed and stability you want – say goodbye to signal problems and delays! What’s more, with a range of up to 10m, you’ll have the freedom you dream of.

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Windows compatible

No need to worry about hardware compatibility issues. The Inphic V790 mouse and keyboard work perfectly with various versions of Windows – including 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP. They work with both desktop and laptop computers. No matter what device you use every day, you can almost always enjoy the benefits of wireless solutions.

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Long runtime

You’ll need AAA batteries to power the devices, which provide a surprisingly long run time. You don’t have to worry about the mouse and keyboard refusing to work when you least expect it. The Inphic V790 guarantees hours of work or play. Buying batteries too often will not be necessary.

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Goodbye annoying clicking noises

Are you bothered by loud keystrokes? Or maybe you often use your computer at night and you do not want to wake up other household members? The devices included in the Inphic V790 are designed to work extremely quietly. The clicking and tapping of the keys will no longer disturb anyone!

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Tailored to your needs

This practical, universal set will prove indispensable on a daily basis. It will be useful both at work and during leisure time. You can adjust the DPI of the mouse in the range of 800/1200/1600 to best fit your needs. The second device is also equipped with a numeric keypad, so it will be suitable for many different applications.

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Style, practical, ergonomic

What else sets the Inphic V790 apart? Elegant and ergonomic design of the devices included in it! They are characterized by compact size, so they will not take up too much space on your desk. Modern, minimalist design will appeal to many users. The mouse fits perfectly in your hand, while the keyboard allows for comfortable work without straining your wrists.


Brand Inphic
Model V790
Connection Wireless 2.4G
Interface USB
Range Up to 10m
Power supply AAA batteries
Number of keyboard keys 104
DPI 800/1200/1600
Mouse dimensions 72x104x38mm
Keyboard dimensions 436x140x27mm

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