iPega 4008 Bluetooth Vibration Gamepad pro Android/iOS/PS4/PS3/PC


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The iPega PG-P4008 Wireless Gaming Controller

The Wireless Gaming Controller from iPega connects to your device via Bluetooth, and the wide compatibility increases the possibilities of use. In addition, the controller features built-in LEDs that give the device an interesting look.


Bluetooth 2.1

With Bluetooth 2.1, you don’t have to worry about game interruptions due to signal loss. Blue 2.1 + EDR wireless connection technology provides a stable signal within a radius of 8 meters without delays or interruptions. Strong anti-interference ensures that other devices will not affect the controller’s proper operation. You don’t need additional controllers to connect the PG-P4008 to your device, allowing for even more convenience.


Wide compatibility

PG-P4008 is compatible with PS4, PS3 and PC. The controller also works with Android and iOS operating systems.

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Full control

The controller features a built-in 3D acceleration sensor and six-axis sensing for precise control. The gyroscope detects the controller’s position in space, so you can react with the controller’s movement. In addition, the grips made of non-slip material provide comfort even during prolonged gameplay.


Powerful battery

With a 400mAh battery, you can play for up to 12 hours on a single charge. Charging time for the controller is only 2 hours. The device remains in standby mode for up to 30 days after a full battery charge. In addition, the set includes a micro USB cable, through which you can charge the device.


Built-in speaker and headphone jack

The controller from iPega features a built-in speaker and a 3.5mm headphone jack. Thanks to this, you’ll hear every sound coming from the game, and with headphones plugged in, you can play until late hours without disturbing others.


Touch control

The PG-P4008 features a built-in touchpad for even more gaming comfort. The touchpad is perfect for playing shooting games.




Brand iPega
Model PG-P4008
Operating voltage DC 3.7V / less than 30mA
DC current less than 20uA
Battery capacity 400mAh
Charging time about. 2 hours
Operation time 12 hours
Standby mode up to 30 days
Bluetooth transmission distance up to 8m
Charging current DC 5V / less than 500mA
Connector micro USB
Headphone jack 3.5mm
Compatibility PS4, PS3, PC, Android, iOS
Material ABS
Dimensions 112 x 152 mm
Color black

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