Puluz Ring Led PU391 λάμπα 12cm με ρυθμιζόμενη βάση 6.5W


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Puluz Ring Led PU391 με 3 τρόπους φωτισμού και ρύθμιση φωτεινότητας σε 10 διαφορετικά επίπεδα μέσω ενός ενσωματωμένου χειριστηρίου στο καλώδιο τροφοδοσίας. Διαθέτει τρίποδο μήκους 18 έως 28cm.


Ring-shaped LED lighting

The ring is made of 40 LEDs, thanks to which it perfectly distributes light and has a high color rendering index. It works fantastically when we need to brighten up our face in our photos, or when applying everyday make-up.



The lamp has 3 modes of lighting: white, soft, and warm, depending on your needs you can adjust the appropriate color temperature. Moreover, you can adjust the brightness in 10 levels. All this can be adjusted with the remote control, which is mounted to the power cord.


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