Wozinsky Bicycle Front Frame Handlebar Bag Touch Screen Phone Holder black (WBB18BK)


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Wozinsky Bicycle Front Frame Handlebar Bag Touch Screen Phone Holder (WBB18BK)

Cycling is a pleasure for some people, while others treat it as a way of commuting to work or moving around the city. Everyone needs space to store their minor necessities. Wozinsky bag will provide you not only with space but also free access to your mobile phone placed in a convenient spot on the handlebars. Plus it can secure it against rain and dirt!


  • Brand: Wozinsky
  • Size: 11×15,8×29,5 cm
  • Weight: 113 g
  • Inner size: 9,5×19 cm

Major features:

  • Installation of handlebars – free access to your phone
  • Large capacity for minor items
  • Films protects against rain and dirt
  • Suitable for various bicycles – city bikes, mountain bicycles, roadsters

Designer look

An interesting combination of colors, solid structure and care for details have made the case look effective. It is solid and when mounted on the handlebars suits the city bike, roadster or mountain bicycles well.

Sensitive screen

Although the mobile phone screen is under the film, it remains sensitive to touch. Just click a specific icon to answer the call, run applications or switch song on the playlist.

Capacious bag

This bag is visually compact but offers considerable storage space. You can put your phone inside and use a pocket to hide lots of minor items, such as keys, cape, flashlight, compass, pocket knife, bike lock, small first aid kit, pendrive or cash. You can always keep them at hand!

Solid fastening

The bag is fastened on three strong Velcros – two on the side and one in the center attached to the frame. This way of fastening allows adaptation of Velcro perimeter to tubes diameter.

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